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Atrium at Christmas
Delta Atrium Christmas at Gaylord Opryland Nashville

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ICE! event ADA compliant?
Yes, this attraction is accessible and ADA compliant
Are strollers allowed?
Yes, strollers are allowed if they do not impede traffic flow. Wagons (including stroller wagons), whether pushed or pulled, are not permitted in the ICE! attraction.
What time do I need to arrive for my timed ticket?

Please plan to arrive five minutes early before your time slot. Our resorts are very large, so please consider any time necessary to walk from the parking lot to the Christmas attraction. Guests who are more than ten minutes late to their appointed time slot cannot be guaranteed entry.

What do I do if I miss my timeslot?

It is very important that ticket holders are not late for their selected time slot. Guests who are more than five minutes late to their appointed time cannot be guaranteed entry. Please see service desk for further details.

Is there a processing fee for tickets?
Yes, there is a $4 processing fee per ticket purchased or per bundle. 
Where do I park when coming to see ICE!?
You may self-park or valet park (charges apply for both). If self-parking, please follow the signs to our guest parking lots. For closest access, park at Opry Mills (free) in the lots nearest to the Gaylord Opryland Event Center.  
I understand the temperature in ICE! is 9 degrees Fahrenheit. What should I wear?
All guests are provided Gaylord Opryland's signature blue parkas to help keep warm. These parkas are calf-length, winter coats with hoods. Parkas are available in all sizes, including children and infants, up to an adult 4XL. Even with the provided outerwear, you'll want to dress warm for the occasion. (Think winter at the North Pole.) Hats and gloves are recommended (they are also available for purchase). Long pants and closed-toe shoes are required. 
Do I need to wear hiking boots in ICE!?

All pathways through ICE! are carpeted, and hiking or outdoor boots are not required. We do recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Closed-toe shoes, however, are required. 


Is ICE! wheelchair and stroller accessible?
The majority of the ICE! attraction is accessible by both wheelchairs and strollers, while some of the areas inside are not (such as the ice slides). 
May I take photos and shoot video in ICE!?
Guests are welcome to use their personal camera or smart phone inside the ICE! attraction. It is important you check the manufacturer's information regarding the cold tolerance of your camera prior to entering. Gaylord Opryland Resort is not responsible for damage to any phone and/or camera equipment. Once thing you might expect: a fogging of your lens after exiting ICE! into warmer temperatures. This usually dissipates once you are in more normal temperatures for a little while. For safety purposes, tripods and related equipment are not allowed. 
Can I purchase ICE! tickets at the door?
No. Tickets must be purchased online, in advance, at We do not have a box office on-site.  
What is the Chill Pass, and can I purchase one? 
The Chill Pass is an exclusive benefit for overnight guests of Gaylord Opryland Resort and is a complimentary perk included with your room reservation. For overnight guests, Chill Pass offers front-of-line access and shorter wait times for ICE!. ICE! tickets are still required and must be purchased separately and in advance. The Chill Pass benefit is not for sale.  
Can I change my time slot? 
You may change your time slot for ICE! based on availability by messaging the designated email address within your ticket confirmation email.  
Can I combine ticket discounts?
No, only one discount can be applied per ticket
Does ICE! admission include complimentary hot chocolate?
Admission to ICE! does not include complimentary hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is available for purchase inside the Gaylord Opryland Events Center.
How long does it take to walk through ICE!?
You can spend as much time as you would like inside the ICE! attraction. Please remember that it is a frosty 9 degrees Fahrenheit inside the exhibit, so you'll want to bundle up and keep that in mind when it comes to how much time you plan spend. Most guests will experience ICE! between 20-40 minutes. 
Are the ice slides inside the ICE! attraction for adults too?
Yes! Big kids can join the fun! The ice slides are made for guests of all ages. Guests must be able to walk up the stairs on their own, to take a ride down the slides. Please keep in mind that you must wear one of the provided blue parkas to ride down the slides. 
Can I re-enter the ICE! attraction multiple times?
ICE! is a one-time-entry attraction. Because we want you to have the best experience possible, though, you may step outside of the exhibit to quickly warm up and then re-enter. You may not leave the attraction for an extended time - such as to get something to eat or enjoy another activity - and then re-enter.